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Not BotR Unless Something Goes Wrong! Suppressor Point Of Impact Shift Test on CZ 600 Trail

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Bloke has popped his suppressor cherry, and now he needs to determine what the effect is of hanging that great big weight off the end of his barrel… So he took his new B+T Rotex-X 5.56 Compact suppressor, and a B+T blast deflector to the range and tried them out on his CZ 600 Trail .223. What, if any, difference does it make? Why did this super expensive Fiocchi match ammo do so poorly?

0:00 Introduction and overview of the CZ 600 Trail
1:23 Detailed look at the blast deflector and B+T Rotex X suppressor
3:07 The effect of attachments on barrel point of impact
8:26 Shooting with the blast deflector: Round 2
10:00 Shooting with suppressor: Experience and results
13:14 Switch to RUAG 69 grain ammo: Impact and performance
16:13 Wrap up and call for support
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