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Can I Shoot 1 MOA All Day? (Bloke/Polenar Challenge Accepted!)

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Bloke on the Range Challenge Video:

Bloke and Žiga have challenged us – and you! – to shoot a 1 MOA group on demand, with a non-benchrest sort of rifle. The idea is that a whole lot of people will happily insist that their regular hunting rifle will quite easily shoot 1 MOA all day long. Well, will it? Prove it! One minute of angle is a pretty impressive standard if you aren’t talking about 3-shot groups, called flyers, do-overs, and mulligans. So let’s see if I can meet the challenge.

I’m using my 8.6 Blackout Fix with Gorilla 300gr subsonic FMJ and a Burris Eliminator 6 scope.

Want to show me up? Grab your phone and your rifle, hit the range and film your own attempt!

Complete rules:

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