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H&K MP5 🇩🇪 modernization from 1966 to TODAY [Historical Timeline]

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We examine the historical load out of the MP5 family of SMGs from 1966 till today.

The HK MP5 is a timeless icon that has traversed multiple decades of service in many nations. Unlike its successful rifle counterparts like the AK or AR15, the MP5, however has remained relatively unchanged internally… Instead its built-in modularity has allowed the MP5 to update to the latest development in technology, from 1966 to today and onwards.

How has this development been through the years?

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0:00 – SBI
0:26 – Open
1:47 – MP5 and Modularity
4:54 – Patreon
6:24 – 70’s-80’s SAS / GSG9
8:48 – 90’s Golden Era U.S. SWAT / HRT
16:05 – 2000’s Sicario MP5 – GIGN
22:35 – 2020’s Zoomer MP5k PDW
30:27 – Conclusion
32:05 – Special Thanks
33:36 – End – Outtro – REDCON
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