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ATF Update: More Transferrable MGs and One-Week NFA Transfers

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Two pieces of surprisingly good news regarding the NFA :

First, ATF has recognized that about 4,000 machine guns imported prior to 1986 for police agencies were mis-classified as dealer samples when they should have been fully transferrable. Those guns are being reclassified as transferrable now, and lots of dealers have already probably noticed the change. We are still waiting on written confirmation from ATF, but this has been a project years in the making between NFATCA and the ATF, and it has finally come to fruition.

Second, with some changes to their internal processes and fully exploitation of the eForms digital system, processing waits for Form 4 transfers (ie, transfers to individuals) are down to one week or less. This assumes that someone uses the electronic eForms system with digital fingerprints and pays the tax stamp electronically as well, and that there are no errors on the form. Given those conditions, the previous standard of +/- 9 excruciating months is now down to a few days.

Would it be better for the NFA to be repealed entirely? Yep, but I will take incremental improvements in the meantime!

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