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MAC 1950: Tactical Shooting Competition

History and disassembly of the MAC 1950:

Following up on yesterday’s discussion of the history and mechanics of the French Pistolet Automatique Modele 1950, today I am running it in a run-n-gun pistol match.

The gun worked well for me, not having any malfunctions, but did present a couple issues. One was hammer bite, and the other was my inadvertently engaging the slide-mounted safety when racking the slide (whoops!). Otherwise, the gun was pretty much on par with other contemporary service pistols – the trigger is reasonably good, as are the sights. The 9-round magazines are terribly small by today’s standards, but were rather the norm in comparison to the P38, 1911, Browning High Power, Beretta 1951, SIG P210, and other service sidearms of the 1950s.

In the match, I was 2nd of 3 shooters in the “single stack” division, and 43rd of 49 overall.

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