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Enter The 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge: Can You Do It? With @PolenarTactical

In collaboration with @PolenarTactical , this is the official BotR announcement for the 1 MOA All Day Long (1MADL) Challenge!

Even if you don’t make 1 MOA, please send us your results anyway!

TL;DR Rules:
– Rifle under 10.5lb / 4.76 kg (cf. “Benchrest Sporter”) EDIT: but see below…
– 50 yds / 45.7 m or more (don’t care as long as it’s known)
– 1 attempt of 1 group of 10 shots. No mulligans, do-overs etc.
– Film it, measure the group in MOA with an app such as Ballistic-X, send a link to the video, a screenshot of your measurement app and certain details (see the full rules)to us by 31 August 2024 by e-mail 1MADL [at]
– Hit the tipjar at
– Up to 3 entries with 3 different rifles
– BotR and PT will decide on prizes, so hit that tipjar hard!
UPDATE: we welcome entries from non-compliant rifles too, for interest but not prizes (probably).

Full Rules: />
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