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Boombox / Clarion Thermal at MOGO24: Zee Goggles! Zey Do Nuthink!

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For my Passive Division run during the staff match portion of Moons Out Goons Out 2024, I used a borrowed prototype Boombox from Q, with an AGM Clarion thermal scope. The Boombox is essentially a Honey Badger scaled up to AR10 size, chambered for 8.6mm Blackout. With a 12″ barrel and Porq Chop suppressor, it was crazy quiet, and the 300gr subsonic FMJ from Gorilla Ammo that I was shooting made a great CLANG on the targets. The Clarion is a large thermal from AGM, with the option for either 2x or 3x optical zoom. I went for 2x, and was unfortunately surprised by how difficult some of the targets were to find. Last year I did not have the same issues with a similar thermal scope from AGM, and so I didn’t expect them this year. Well, live and learn…

Thanks to our awesome match sponsors! Thanks to them, we were able to make this a great event with an outstanding prize table:
AGM Global Vision
BE Meyers
Gorilla Ammunition
Refuge Medical
T-Rex Arms
Virginia Citizens Armory

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