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Swiss Bubba’s Martini Jagdstutzer (NOT a Martini-Henry Sniper Rifle from BF1!)

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There’s all manner of Martini actioned single shot target rifles and hunting rifles around in Switzerland as left-overs from the era when they dominated the shooting sports. This is a fairly interesting one, converted from a target rifle to a scoped hunting rifle by Swiss Bubba (Bäbbu?). It’s in 7.5×55 GP11, but Martinis are often also found in 7.5×53.5 GP90, 10.4mm Vetterli and various hunting calibres such as 10.4x60R. Battlefield 1 is turning into a thick vein of Neofuddlore though!

Earlier video shooting the thing: />
0:00 Introduction and myth busting about Martini Henry sniper rifles
1:12 Discussion on the usage and manufacturers of Martini based target rifles
2:31 Description of rifle butts and their usage
4:10 Examination of the Martini Stutzer rifle parts and assembly
6:28 Overview of the Martini action and double set trigger mechanism
9:06 Discussion on breach explosions and the safety of the Martini system
10:44 Information on the different types of ammunition used in Martini Stutzer rifles
11:54 Promo: Weapons and War TV
12:52 Closing remarks and appreciation to supporters
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