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Q&A With Jonathan Ferguson of the British Royal Armouries

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Today I am joined by Jonathan Ferguson, Keeper of Firearms and Artillery at the British Royal Armouries for a Q&A session, with questions provided by the fine folks who support Forgotten Weapons on Patreon…

1:02 – Would the L85A1 have been better if Enfield wasn’t being privatized while it was in production?
3:22 – How does the Armouries obtain modern small arms?
7:22 – Distinction between Pattern Room and Royal Armouries
10:39 – Best water-cooled machine gun?
11:01 – Silent telescoping-piston rounds like 7.62mm SP4
13:50 – How did the L4 Bren fare in the world of GPMGs?
17:21 – Differences between first and last L1A1 rifles?
20:38 – How did you get started with GameSpot, and did video games get you interested in firearms?
23:38 – Thoughts on old guns being used in Ukraine?
29:53 – If you were John Wick’s sommelier, would you make different recommendations for him?
34:46 – History of breech-loading artillery
38:23 – Information about NATO PDWs?
39:50 – What specific influence has the UK had on firearms development and evolution?
44:17 – What are your responsibilities at the Royal Armouries?
47:20 – If you could have one British cap & ball revolver made as a reproduction, which would it be?

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