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CETME Paratrooper Top-Folding Stock

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Spain adopted the CETME Modelo B rifle for service in 1958. These early rifles were chambered for the reduced-pressure 7.62mm CETME cartridge, and had a few other unique features. Some of these were made with a metal handguard with a folding bipod, and some were also made with a top-folding stock, for use by paratroopers and vehicle crews. This stock shortened the overall length of the rifle slightly, although it also creates a very uncomfortable cheek weld.

The rifle we are looking at today comes form the collection of Larry Vickers, and is actually a CETME-Mars commercial import – a CETME-C pattern rifle chambered for regular 7.62mm NATO. The folding stock has been added because this is the closest pattern of CETME available in the US to what would have been actually issued with this stock.

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