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2-Gun: AKM & Arex Delta (Lynx Brutality 2024 Prep)

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I’m using this month’s 2-Gun Action Challenge Match as preparation for Lynx Brutality this spring. Žiga, Bloke, Jari, and I decided to all use AK’s at Lynx, and I’ve got this Romanian kit build that I riveted together myself many years ago. I have a sidereal on it with a Russian PK-A red dot, and I will be adding on a suppressor in Slovenia. For a pistol, I’m taking my Arex Delta with its Holosun 509T enclosed red dot. Today’s match was very cardio-heavy, which was both great practice for Lynx and also a genuinely fun experience that I’ve been missing from the last year or two of local 2-Gun matches…

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