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Q&A #17: Bullpups, Stocked Pistols, Delayed Blowback, and More!

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0:26 – Can roller delayed blowback system be relevant in modern guns?
3:32 – Difference between gas tappet and short stroke gas piston
6:00 – Cleaning procedure, particularly for corrosive ammunition
7:32 – Brief synopsis of Yugoslavian post-WWII Mausers
10:45 – Final weight of WWSD carbine
11:44 – What hindered automatic arms development during WWI?
16:55 – Why not use MLOK/Keymod for optics?
18:05 – Forward-acting gas pistons?
19:26 – My opinion on the Remington bankruptcy
22:18 – Will 3D printing allow squeeze-bore rifles?
25:39 – What was the last US cavalry carbine?
26:20 – When the the Potato Digger leave US service?
28:11 – What was the first gun I bought specifically as a collectible?
28:55 – Is the FAMAS the best bullpup ever?
33:59 – What nation is underappreciated in small arms design history?
36:28 – Stocked pistols and modern arm brace pistols
41:04 – Do I approach museums and collectors or do they approach me?
42:46 – What is the Segway of modern guns?
44:40 – Are British DP (Drill Purpose) guns safe to shoot?
48:30 – What is the process to buy a machine gun in the US?
54:32 – Soviet TKB-59 triple barreled prototype
57:11 – Would modern high speed cameras have helped gun designers of the past?
58:48 – Why did primer-actuated systems never catch on?
1:01:44 – Progress on MAS-38 SMG and 7.65 French Long ammo
1:04:17 – What are the missing US designations, like rifles M2 through M13?

As always, questions came from Patrons at the $2/month level and above. Thanks to all of you for the support!

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