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Firepower United: Calvin and Bloke Q&A

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Mike’s followers provided questions for Calvin, and Calvin’s followers provided questions for Mike. That seemed logical to us at the time!

0:00 Introduction and guest background
6:50 Discussing the worst designed but usable military rifle or pistol
12:10 Mike’s favorite Lee Enfield variant and myth of the SMLE’s inaccuracy
15:04 AK discussion and comparison between the US and Switzerland
20:22 Calvin’s PSL gun explosion incident
27:20 Thoughts on having a manual division in Finnish Brutality and plans for future gun matches
30:33 Calvin’s training and competition guns and encouraging bolt action shooting in competitions
32:38 Differences in ammunition regulations between Switzerland and Germany
40:16 Discussing airsoft guns and regulations and thoughts on the AR 180
44:29 Travelling to Europe with category A firearms and implications of bringing short guns to the UK
46:30 Wrapping up the discussion, plans for visiting the SIG Foundation
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