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Heckfire by ShootingSight: The Best Trigger for H&K & Clone Rifles (9mm / 5.56 / 7.62)

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One of the shortcomings of H&K roller-delayed long guns has always been their triggers. As they come from the factory (with the exception of niche items like the PSG-1 trigger pack) they are long, heavy, and generally unpleasant. Good smiths can make them a bit better (I used a Bill Springfield trigger in my G3 for a while), but they are still tragically bad by comparison to modern AR triggers.

Well, ShootingSight has definitely changed that with their “Heckfire” (an odd name; possibly derived from “HK-Fire”?) drop-in trigger. It offers a very crisp, sub-5-pound trigger that can be used in any of the roller-delayed rifles made by HK, or their clones. The downside is price, at $400 – although frankly this is not all that much more expensive than a lot of the good aftermarket AR triggers available today. Along with the trigger press, you also get an assortment of selector levers that you can use to set up your trigger with left, right, or ambidextrous controls.

It is important to not that the Heckfire comes without the ejector lever, spring, and pin. You will need to either get these separately or just take them out of the stock trigger in your rifle and install them into the Heckfire module before you put it in the gun. The reason for this omission is that the ejector lever is different for each caliber of rifle – so shipping without one allows the Heckfire unit to be universal (and reduces the cost).

I’ve had two of these units from Heckfire (full disclosure: both were provided for free), and have used one in my G3 for most of a year now, including taking it to Finnish Brutality 2023. It has run perfectly, and it makes a serious difference in the shootability of the rifle. I have a second unit that is going into an SP5, and that will be getting some video coverage soon.

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