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Making the repro of the original flask of the Hall breech loading flintlock rifle – Part I.

Let me guide you through the process of making the working reproduction of the original combination flask of the Model 1819 Hall breech loading flintlock rifle. These flasks were in use until the 1840s when they were replaced by the M1841 riflemen accoutrements. They dispensed both powder and the balls. A unique design and a very rare collectors item.
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0:00 Intro
3:28 Desiging
4:25 Making the parts of the top cover (levers, valves)
11:22 Forging the lever of the bullet dispenser
14:18 Making the bullet magazine
17:30 Soldering the spout and magazine to the top
19:05 Making the spring for the valves
24:08 Making the powder valvle
26:56 First trial

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