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.22lr in .223 (CMMG Ciener set): 1:16, 1:12, 1:9, 1:8 twist rates.

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Bloke thinks that the .22 rimfire Ciener type chamber insert small bore conversion systems for .223 Remington AR-15 rifles are cool. Previous results with them have been mixed however. Since he has not only a dedicated V-22 upper but also a variety of twist rates (but no 1:7, sorry), he wanted to see what the impact on the grouping would be.

CZ / ADCO / LUVO V-22 1:16 (dedicated upper)
M16A1 1:12
Fightlite SCR 1:9
WWSD 2020 1:8

0:00 Introduction and Overview of Experimentation
1:19 Deep Dive into Gun Twists
2:32 Gun Testing Begins: V-22 and M16A1
4:02 Switching to Flight Light Upper and KP 15 Lower
6:32 Results Review
7:49 25 Round Group Test with M16A1
8:48 Final Observations and Comparisons
9:07 Promotion: Weapons and War TV
9:52 Conclusion
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