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Improved Laugo Alien for the American Market: The Creator 500

Get Entered to WIN this 1 of 500 Laugo Alien Creator Edition!
DEADLINE to ENTER is 10/27/23 @ 11:59pm (PST).

When the original Laugo Alien came out, it was designed with a grip angle rather steeper than a lot of people (including most Americans, it seems) preferred. In response, Laugo redesigned the grip to be more like a 1911, and made the whole grip assembly modular in the process. Original magazines are still compatible, but the handling of the new model is a lot nicer for those of us who aren’t used to a Luger style grip.

At the same time, Laugo now has an American offshoot (Laugo Arms USA) instead of being imported by a third-party company. The new grip angle will be available in standard pistols at some point in the future, but for now it is available only as a limited 500-pistol release – the Creator 500 series.

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