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The Model 1874 Sharps rifle and the 45-120 cartridge – history and shooting

The 45-120 or .45 3 1/4 inch cartridge is the strongest among all .45 caliber buffalo cartridges. It is truly a legend, and I am quite sure every western lover has a special place for it in his heart. This film is about its history, connected to the metallic cartridge models of the Sharps Rifle Company.

How to make accurate paper patch cartridges for the 45-120:

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0:00 Intro
2:28 Shooters opinion about the 45-120 cartridge
4:40 Recharging rounds at the field without tools
6:00 Shooting offhand to 300m on metal plate
6:36 Presentation of the Pedersoli 1874 Long Range Sharps
7:42 The buffalo hunt era
9:22 Shooting with grease groove bullets to 100meters
10:51 The buffalo rifles
13:05 The Sharps 1874 rifle and the history of the company
15:13 Billy Dixon’s long shot at Adobe Walls
17:06 Shooting paper patch bullets to 100m
19:46 The Creedmoor matches and the Sharps rifle
21:32 Shooting the 1st version paper patch bullets to 200m
23:52 How to clean lead from the bore
24:47 The end of the Sharps Rifle Company
26:04 The history of the 45-120
29:28 Shooting the final paper patch cartridge to 200m
38:25 How the buffalo runners reloaded their cartridges?

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