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The Interesting and Unusual Small Arms of Kurdistan and Ukraine w/ Neil Vermillion

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I’m excited today to speak with Neal Vermillion, a US Army veteran (2002-2006) who served contracts in Kurdistan (2016) and Ukraine (2022) for the nonprofit PMC Sons of Liberty International. In Kurdistan he was a volunteer training and fighting with a group of Kurds around Erbil and Mosul. In Ukraine, he trained Ukrainian snipers and other troops. Today we are specifically talking about the different small arms that were (and are) being used in Kurdistan and Ukraine. From Turkish starter pistols to handmade anti material rifles, the fight against ISIS in Kurdistan saw it all. Ukraine today is seeing a similarly wide variety of small arms, although generally much more effective…unless you are a guy like Neil who gets issued an M14!

00:47 – Neil’s basic background
02:31 – Guns of the Peshmerga
23:07 – Guns of Ukraine

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