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The Gun as Art: Tiffany Colts from Two Eras

Nimschke Cartridge Conversion did not sell.
American Eagle 1860 sold for $17,250.

The famous American jewelry company Tiffany & Co has a long history of offering decorative firearms, and today I’m looking at two of them. One is a cartridge conversion Colt from the 1870s, engraved by Nimschke and fitted with a silver-plated Tiffany “Mexican Eagle” grip. The other is a modern-production 1860 Army designed by Tiffany for the US Historical Society and produced by Andrew Bourbon.

While I do not normally have a particular taste for embellished and engraved guns, I think it’s very interesting to see the difference in style between the two periods – the change in what people find appealing in “the gun as art.”

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