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Colt Model 1877 Lighting | Double Action Artistry

Colt’s first foray into the double action market was the Colt Model 1877 revolver. Known as the “Lightning” in its .38 LC chambering, it was very popular in police departments. True to form, this stunning Colt Lightning was presented to Hartford PD Sergeant Lyman Smith during the Hartford “Foot Guard Fair” in 1888 – a celebration and fundraiser for the First Company Governor’s Foot Guard, a state military unit.

Awarded to Sergeant Smith via a popular vote, this exhibition grade Colt 1877 Lightning remains in remarkable condition. It is easily among the finest known to exist. Preserved to near perfection is the master engraving of Cuno A. Helfricht, the nickel plating, the bright gold washed cylinder, the iridescent pearl grips, and the mirror-like nitre blue small parts.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:03 – Colt 1877 Lightning Introduction (Lot 138)
00:27 – Cuno A. Helfricht Engraving
01:23 – Colt Lightning Background
02:13 – Office Lyman Smith and the Foot Guard Fair
03:34 – Revolver’s Condition

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