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All the Fun and None of the Dumb: 1 Shepherd Leadership Institute

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The Midnight Brutality match was only feasible because of the assistance of the 1 Shepherd Leadership Institute cadre, and so I want to take a few minutes today to talk about just who they are. It is an organization founded in 1981 that uses infantry tactics and exercises to teach leadership. Intended for a wide variety of audiences from recreational milsim and airsoft enthusiasts to active-duty military looking to improve their skills.

The organization uses the MILES laser system for extensive force-on-force training, allowing realistic range and accuracy with blanks in real rifles, both day and night. They have three locations around the US, including the 300 acres of varied terrain at the Echo Valley Training Center where we held Midnight Brutality. Their Warrior Leader Program is designed as a series of seven-day courses, with a full semester comprising six such courses.

For more information, see their web site at:

Forgotten Weapons
6281 N. Oracle 36270
Tucson, AZ 85740

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