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Minty Mauser “Fake” Kar98k Sniper Ammo Test at 300m (almost a PUBG gun)


A bit long this one, but I thought some people might like to see the whole process, and how some rifles will really like some ammo and not others.

Here’s Bloke’s “Minty Mauser”, which is a Spanish M43 (kinda almost VZ24 / Kar98k configuration), with a scope mount and turned down bolt handle done by Hege. It’s built as a 7.62 NATO / .308 Win rifle rather than an 8×57, but they didn’t bother to fix the magazine to run it properly, and a quirk of the M43 receiver design means that it doesn’t eject reliably either.

But it seems to rather like that Winchester Supreme 168gn match ammo!

It is NOT a “Spanish Small-Ring Mauser” – those are Mauser 93 actions and have a habit of not holding .308 Win. This is a Mauser 98 action!


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