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Successor to the Scout: Q’s 8.6mm Fix

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0:00 – Purpose of the Fix
6:03 – The 8.6mm Blackout Cartridge
12:33 – Rifle Features
21:13 – Disassembly
29:35 – My Complaints
31:49 – At the Range

There is a ton to go over in this video…I noticed the Fix when it first came out, but it didn’t become really interesting to me until the version in 8.6mm Blackout hit the market. Fundamentally, the Fix is a very light, modular, and ergonomic bolt action utility rifle. In 8.6mm, I think it is a magnificent hunting weapon – virtually silent while offering excellent terminal performance with a heavy expanding projectile.

I am going to be using this rifle with an AGM Rattler TS35-640 thermal optic in Midnight Brutality, so stick around for that video tomorrow!

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