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The AK74 Modernization Journey: From Afghanistan to Spetsnaz in Syria [AKs74 | AK74M]

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For nearly 50 years, the AK74 / AK74M family has served in the Russian military as a genera purpose rifle, and while the heart of the rifle has largely remained similar the exterior has received drastic change to adapt to modern combat.

Unlike the M16 series, the AK74’s modernization is a unique blend of eastern and western philosophy. How did this come about? How do Western/US manufactured modernization kits differ form the Eastern/Russian kits?

We journey into the three main phases of modernization that turned the Afghan-era AKs74 into the Spetsnaz “Alpha” type AK74m that we know nowadays.

Special Thanks to:
Rob @AK Operators Union, Local 47-74 – for your friendship and amazing convos on life and the AK
Nick – for the 1p29 / 1p63 scopes on loan
BigDave – for the PGO-7 Scope for loan
Small arms sol. – for the AKs74 for footage
RS Regulate – for great convos
TDI – for feedback on the X47
@Oxide for the Gorka suit 🙂 and great convos!
Vlad Onokoy – for constant amazing feedback
Max Popenker – for the knowledge base that we don’t have in the U.S.

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– Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod
– Phone Skope Lollipop Universal Digiscoping kit

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0:00 – SBI
0:09 – Hype
0:51 – Intro
3:47 – Phase 1 Modernize
4:11 – Night Vision Rifles
4:50 – PGO-7 scope
5:48 – 1p29 scope
6:59 – 1p69 scope
9:08 – 1p78 Kashtan
9:57 – Phase 2 Modernize
11:27 – Tactical Furniture
12:02 – Ultimak
12:28 – RS Regulate side mount
12:56 – U.S. Modernize
13:29 – Russia Modernize
14:17 – Phase 3 Modernize
15:08 – Zenitco
15:56 – U.S. options
20:34 – Conclusion

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