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Top Secret OSS Flight Jacket from Operation Carpetbagger

SSGT Clarence E. Craver was part of the top secret unit that flew OSS combat missions into occupied Europe during World War 2. Flying aboard the B-24 “Mary Jane Ace of Spades” Craver took part in Operation Carpetbagger and other clandestine missions above France, Denmark, Italy, and Yugoslavia.

From their specially modified planes they dropped leaflets, supplies for rebels and partisans, and OSS agents into enemy territory often at night and at low altitude. Notably, they also helped support the pending Normandy invasion. The only thing more impressive than the danger is the courage of the men who undertook such operations.

This is SSGT Craver’s flight jacket, with “Mary Jane Ace of Spades” depicted proudly on the back, flying in a moonlit sky. After flying 50(!) missions, its sleeve still bears damage from hot flak, a reminder of just how harrowing these top secret OSS flight missions could be.

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