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A Who’s Who of Modern Engravers

What happens when you send 85 artists a small chasing hammer head and ask them to embellish it however they see fit? The result is the fantastic showcase shown here.

This grouping was assembled over several decades by master engraver John Rohner, known to many in the community as the “Godfather of the American Engraving Renaissance.” Instead of the large cost and space requirements to collect firearms cut by each of these artisans, Rohner instead shipped them chasing hammer heads with no preconditions on how they should be embellished. This cased collection is a wonderful exhibition of each artist’s style, techniques, and creative vision.

Owning a single piece from any of these master engravers would be the highlight of a collection, but to own 85 examples from a who’s who of modern master engravers is an extraordinary opportunity.

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