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StG44 with Original Matching Scope!

Many design platforms today owe their origins to the German StG-44. Birthed during World War 2 by Huge Schmeisser, the select-fire Sturmgewehr utilized an intermediate 7.92×33 Kurz cartridge which allowed for a smaller overall profile, was more appropriate for the common distances of engagement, and provided more controllable recoil. Stamped parts made production inexpensive and quick. The StG44 quickly made their mark on the Eastern front where it was found to be accurate, offered more range than the MP40, more CQB potential than the Kar 98k, and could still lay down suppressive full-auto fire.

This particular example is in extraordinary condition, with 90% of its original World War 2 combination phosphate & blued finish and all matching numbers, right down to the RARE ZF4 scope. STG44 were not chosen for sniper or DMR duty, but this scope clearly indicates that such things were once strongly considered by Mauser, enough to warrant a scope specially calibrated for the 8mm Kurz cartridge.

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