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Felk TF919: Australia and Spain Team Up to Make a Lousy Pistol

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Edward Felk was an Australian who decided to produce semiauto pistols in Australia. In 1994 he patented a couple features of his new design, and set about finding a way to produce it. He ended up subcontracting with Star of Spain to produce barrels and slides, while the polymer frames were produced in Australia. The Star parts were pretty well done, but the frames were fairly poor quality. The original translucent polymer magazines were also a problem; they tended to crack.

The first version of the gun was the TF919 in 9mm (also the TF400 in .40S&W), with an open slide reminiscent of the Beretta family, and a manual safety lever that pivots out the back of the trigger itself. A second pattern (the MTF919 and MTF400) came out in the late 1990s and used a more conventional closed slide and a Glock-like conventional trigger safety.

All of the patterns are quite scarce today, as the whole project was a commercial failure.

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