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Germany’s L26 Silencer for the K98k, G43, and StG44

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Patented in Germany as System Schätzle, the L26 was a departure from the copies of the Russian wipe-based silencer designs. The L26 used a set of six identical cone-shaped metal baffles inside a simple tube. It attached to a rifle by clamping around the front sight, just like the rifle grenade launcher developed for the K98k.

The basic design was used for several different models; basically everything in the Wehrmacht arsenal that was 8mm in diameter (although not the antitank rifle…). This example is for rifles, but a model was also made for the MG42, and about 200 of them were actually fielded. Total rifle pattern production was supposed to be 1000 units, but manufacturing problems led to production ending early (we don’t know exactly how early).

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