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Clockwork Basilisk: Final Stretch Goals Unlocked! />
Well, you once again exceeded our expectations: we have run out of stretch goals for Clockwork Basilisk. The last two that were met were:

Cocktail Sheets: We will be publishing four original cocktail recipes and four modern ones inspired by the Collier story. Each Collector’s Edition book will include the sheet bound in, and each copy of Clockwork Basilisk sold during the Kickstarter will include a free looseleaf copy.

Free World of Guns model of the 2nd Model Collier: World of Guns is a cool app/game for learning about firearms mechanics, and they worked with Professor Nicholson on the book to create a full model of the 2nd Model Collier. When the Kickstarter ends, we will be sending everyone who pledged a code for a free copy of that Collier model (the World of Guns base app is free to download).

Remember, if you haven’t signed up for a preorder copy of either Clockwork Basilisk or Tobacco of the Emperor yet, the Kickstarter ends on Friday. Order before then, and you get about a 20% discount off our retail price!

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