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“Who Invented the Wheelgun?” Add-ons to the Clockwork Basilisk Kickstarter />
Having hit the $300k stretch goal, we will be commissioning a custom frontispiece illustration for Clockwork Basilisk. We have some really cool ideas about what that will be, and I’m excited to see the final result!

We also have a couple really cool add-ons that we are offering:

– “Who Invented the Wheelgun”; a small extra book with the transcript of Samuel Colt’s 1851 London presentation on revolver history (including the subsequent audience Q&A period) and commentary on Colt’s revolver factory by Charles Dickens (yes, THAT Charles Dickens)

– An 18″ x 24″ poster printing of the 1818 Collier patent drawing – a beautiful piece of artwork in its own right

– A few remaining copies of the original blue Chassepot to FAMAS Kickstarter Exclusive printing

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