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BotR: Don’t drop that revolver! S&W hammer block and drop safeties through the ages

Bloke’s gorgeous platinum-haired wife, through being a bizarre and dozy git, inspires him to invite you into the rich history and wonderful world of S&W hammer block safeties through the ages.

Featuring a century-old .455 Hand Ejector Second Model, an M&P in .38 S&W, and a very early 586. Plus, a rare and privileged glimpse of his beautiful wife!

Also includes not only a dumb, kitchy sketch, but also bonus material of what Every Schoolboy (and -girl) should know, namely how to get a S&W apart (disassembly) and back together again (reassembly) without wrecking it, and how the various internal hammer blocking thingamabobs do their thang.

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