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The Liberty Bell Pistols

The Liberty Bell flintlock pistols were once the property of John Jacob Mickley, the man given the honor of transporting the famous Liberty Bell from Philadelphia to the Pennsylvania countryside in 1777 to keep it out of the hands of British forces. The pistols were given their moniker after it was said that Mickley wore them while transporting the Liberty Bell.

What we know now, is that while the pistols did belong to Mickley, and remained with the family for at least five generations, the pistols themselves were not made until the early 19th century. They may not have traveled with the Liberty Bell that day, but they were unquestionably his pistols.

Even without the story, the Liberty Bell pistols stand on their own. They are gorgeous pair of Kentucky pistols made by one of the finest gunsmiths of the Golden Age, Peter Kunz. The curly maple stocks, the varnish, the hand checkering, the silver furniture, and the inlays all remain in stunning condition. The fact that the pair remains together after two centuries is itself nothing short of extraordinary.

They are a high condition, handsomely decorated pair from Peter Kunz that were proudly owned for generations by a historic colonial era family.

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