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Luftwaffe-Issue Walther PP & PPK Pistols

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Courtesy of Legacy Collectibles, we have a pair of Luftwaffe-issue Walther pistols to look at today, one PP and one PPK. The Luftwaffe bought more than 500,000 pistols during World War Two, including not only Walthers but also the Luger, P38, HSc, CZ38, Femaru 37, and FN 1922. Identifying Luftwaffe-issue Walthers is tricky, as they were not specifically marked – but we do know a few specific serial number batches.

As with other state and military organizations, Walthers made for the Luftwaffe were sold as special contracts, with unique serial numbering procedures. Specifically, Luftwaffe guns will have magazines serialized on their floor plates. The three specifically known groups are:

From 1940, about 1800 guns chambered for 9x17mm, between 198,000P and 202,000P
From 1941/2, about 12,000 PPs in .32 caliber between 216,000P and 229,000P
From 1941/2, about 6,000 PPKs in .32 caliber between 297,000k and 304,000k

Other Luftwaffe guns exist, but their serial number blocks have not yet been identified.

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