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S. Korean K1A1 “Rooftop Korean’s Choice” to 500yds: Practical Accuracy

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The K1A1 is the civilian-legal import to the USA in the 80’s that many S. Korean immigrants cherished as a symbol of national pride, and on the one fateful day in 1992, a group of Koreans defended their livelihoods on the rooftops of Korea Town (K-Town). Of which, at least two K1A1 rifles were present and cementing the K1A1 as one of the symbols of the fabled “Roof Korean”

The K1 (base model for the K1A1) is the South Korean SMG (later re-considered as a carbine) that replaced the American M3 Grease Gun but crossed paths with the M16 Carbine’s capabilities for S. Korean Special Operations personnel. With an AR15 gas system and a shortened bolt that used an AR18 type of recoil spring, it was able to shed the AR15’s buffer tube, allowing a stock-less design decades before the MCX existed.

The short firearm with a collapsing stock and extremely light weight made it a handy weapon for a multitude of mission sets.

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00:00 – SBI
00:08 – Opening words
00:33 – Intro
01:24 – PA test
05:53 – Initial Impressions
08:41 – Patreon/Utreon
09:57 – Debrief
10:57 – K1A1 history
11:56 – pre-ban K1A1
13:03 – Roof Korean Legend
17:09 – Barrel and Gassing
22:28 – Recoil and Balance
24:00 – operating system
32:38 – K1C “modernized”
34:15 – Final Thoughts
35:14 – 9H Podcast
35:47 – Analysis

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