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M60: Hail to The Pig

The M60 machine gun is an imposing presence, both in its sheer size and its impressive firepower. A stalwart of the Vietnam War, it provided fighting men with a variety of firepower options in multiple roles. Known as “the Pig,” the M60 had its share of problems, but remained appreciated by troops for its sheer firepower, simplicity, and controllability.

Eventual contenders such as the M249 SAW may have been lighter, but its 5.56mm cartridge was lacked the range and force of the 7.62 NATO rounds of the M60. Since then multiple military branches have gone through several variations of general purpose or light machine guns, but the M60 still sees use around the world with numerous military and law enforcement agencies.

This heavy metal workhorse cranks out the firepower and heavy dose of nostalgia to boot.

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