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TAB Episode 6: AUSTEN Submachine Gun

In this video Matt looks at the history of Australia’s attempt to improve the British STEN gun – the AUSTEN. Despite efforts to improve on the austere STEN, the Australian Army quickly discovered their other indigenous design, the Owen Machine Carbine, was superior.

Production Note: This video is a little rough around the edges, it was the first video I filmed and incidentally the first time I had been in front of a camera! Thanks to Vic’s patient efforts in editing we were able to put together this video. TAB has been a brilliant learning experience in many respects and we’re improving all the time. Stick with us as we will have a look at the Owen Gun in the future and will also revisit the AUSTEN in more detail too! Thanks for watching.

Check out our website for an indepth article looking at the context, origins, history and development of the Austen!

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