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Winchester 1890: Glorious Gallery Guns

The Winchester Model 1890 is one of the most successful Winchester repeaters ever built. Around 849,000 of the John M. Browning design were made from 1890 – 1932 and most folks are familiar with them from their familiar presence at county fairs and shooting galleries.

Because of their hard use, either in the hands of boys or gallery goers, many examples are “well loved.” However, the examples shown in this video lived much different lives. One is a rare Winchester tool room model with a metal slide and a barrel never cut for sights, and the other is a wonderfully deluxe version of a typically austere model, featuring silver plating, pistol grip, deluxe wood, schutzen butt, and master engraving by John Ulrich.

From its origins to its zenith, RIAC’s upcoming December Premier Auction will have an outstanding selection of Winchester 1890s slide action rifles.

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