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Châtellerault FM24-29 : Origins, features, use and DAKKA

The FM24-29 is one of the crowning successes of the France’s post WW1 rearmament program. Gone is the requirement to feed archaic 8mm Lebel which frees the designers to adopt a modern design. Clearly inspired by the BAR, the FM24-29 is the precursor to the ZB-26 and eventually the BREN. Despite retrospectively lacking a few features that emerge from the other designs emerging afterwards, it enjoyed a very long service life and was appreciated by troops for its simplicity, reliability and accuracy, even continuing to serve long after being theoretically replaced by the AA52 in the early 1950s.

13:22 Mechanics
20:26 Squad composition
24:30 Dakka 1
28:33 Dakka 2


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