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Remington 1890: A Half-Hearted Attempt to Dethrone the Colt SAA

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In 1886, the Remington company fell into financial insolvency. It was reorganized as the Remington Arm Co under the leadership of Marcellus Hartley, and in 1890 the company made an attempt to compete once again with Colt. Remington introduced the Model 1890, which was essentially their tried-and-true Model 1875 revolver reimagined a bit to look more like a Colt SAA. Available in .44-40 with either a 5 3/4” or 7 1/2” barrel, the gun was a complete flop. Only 2,020 were made and sales lasted just 4 years (1891-1894). The buying public was just no longer interested in a single action cowboy-style revolver. Double action gun were becoming the norm, and anyone who really wanted something nostalgic simply got a real Colt.

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