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Something Completely Different: Ian Tries Hákarl; Icelandic Fermented Shark

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On my recent trip to Finland for Finnish Brutality, I spent a few days first in Iceland, with my friend Dr. Jackson Crawford ( Some Icelandic gun videos are coming, but we also took a moment to try out one uniquely Icelandic foods, most notably hákarl (pronounced “how-cath”). This is arctic shark buried and fermented for several months, and it has a reputation for being remarkably disgusting. We also tried harðfiskur (essentially fish jerky) and taðreyktur silungur (dung-smoked trout). Some of it was good, some was…less good, but it was all an interesting look into the diet of the Norse settlers on a pretty barren island 1200 years ago.

If you are interested in Norse language, history, and mythology, definitely check out Jackson’s channel!

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