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Q&A 49, with Mike and Fabien of Bloke on the Range

Today’s Q&A was filmed in Finland, with special guests Mike and Fabien from Bloke on the Range, who came out to shoot the scaled-down Finnish Brutality 2021 with me. If you like what you see here, you can watch and support their work:

01:48 – Most effective first generation smokeless rifle?
06:04 – Swiss straight pulls ever fired in anger?
06:56 – “Bring backs” in Europe?
08:32 – Stgw 57 vs FAMAS
10:05 – Museums, ranges, and other gun places to visit in Switzerland
12:12 – Dichotomy of bayonets alongside 400m zeroes on rifles
14:29 – Any recent changes to Swiss gun law?
17:46 – What has the local reaction been to the Bloke on the Range channel?
18:37 – P14/M1917 vs SMLE/No4?
22:06 – What do Bloke and Chap see in the US market that is unavailable in Switzerland?
26:18 – Ammo prices and availability in Europe
28:50 – FAL vs G3?
33:32 – What gun(s) to takeoff a brand new shooter to guarantee a fun time?
36:27 – .303 or 7.5×55?
38:30 – How to make a good shooter out of a sporterized SMLE (without a new stock)
40:57 – Why the Swiss and straight pulls?
44:32 – Favorite Enfield variant?
48:06 – Why didn’t Switzerland adopt NATO calibers?
50:33 – Guns that surprised you (good or bad)
55:56 – Non-gun factories that made SMLEs or SMLE parts?
58:08 – Is the 9mm vs .40/10mm/.45 question different in Switzerland because of their ban on hollow points?
1:00:28 – What is the best breech loading conversion system?

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