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The Czech Unicorn LMG: A Squad Support CZ-2000 (YouTube cut)

Full video with shooting is free on Utreon:

The CZ-2000 project in the Czech Republic (derived from the Lada developed in the late years of Czechoslovakia) envisioned a full suite of infantry arms, much like the AK as used by other countries. There would be an SMG-type compact weapon (akin to the AKS-74U “Krinkov”), a standard infantry rifle, and a light support weapon. It’s that last one that we are looking at today, with a longer barrel and bipod.

Surviving examples of CZ-2000s are extremely rare today, as the system never went into production and only early trials examples and prototypes were made. Many thanks to CZ for letting me take a look at the excellent historical artifact from their archives! See all their social media here:

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