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A Presentation Borchardt C93 Pistol

“There’s good and there is great in terms of early semi-automatic pistol collecting.”

A Borchardt C93 pistol is already a fantastic addition to any collection. Hugo Borchardt’s design included the essentials for what today is considered standard pistol design: semi-automatic, spring-loaded box magazine, magazine inserted into grip, and a push-button magazine release.

Not only is the Borchardt C93 considered the earliest successful semi-automatic pistol, this example is especially early – serial number 90 to be exact. It remains in splendid condition and comes with its accessories, including an unheard of four matching magazines and its matching shoulder stock.

If that weren’t enough, it was presented to General Pablo Riccheri, an Argentine armaments officer who purchased guns for the Argentine military. Instrumental in bringing over a large order of Argentine Mauser Model 1891 rifles, Riccheri may have been presented this pistol in thanks or to procure military orders of the groundbreaking pistol.

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