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Italian Perfection: Firmo Fracassi Engraved Rizzini Shotgun

“This shotgun is the absolute pinnacle of Italian shotgun making and Italian engraving. That might be an arguable statement, but if you were to argue with me, I believe you’d be wrong.”

Rick Henley minces no words in his appreciation for this stunning, best quality side-by-side; a collaboration between two master Italian artisans. Starting with the wonderfully crafted Rizzini R1E sidelock it bears the recognizable and astounding bulino artwork of Firmo Fracassi.

Rizzini produces some of Italy’s finest shotguns, but only between 10-25 annually. Firmo Fracassi, considered by many to be the world’s greatest living engraver, and pioneer of the bulino engraving style, has engraved approximately 57 guns from the 1970s through 2008. Combining the rarity of these two experts, one finds a shotgun that is as beautiful and well-crafted as it is rare.

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