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First shots: New FG-42 1st Model from SMG

PLEASE NOTE: German paratroops originally dropped with only light weapons, and their rifles and machine guns were dropped separately in parachute containers. This was a terrible idea, as it led to the guns being lost, and left paratroops fighting with little more than pistols. The FG-42’s purpose was to serve as a rifle and light machine gun that could be carrier directly by the jumping paratrooper instead of using arms containers.

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Many years ago, SMG Guns introduced a reproduction FG-42 rifle, a semiauto version of the 2nd model as made by Germany during World War Two. After several more years of development, they have now shipped the first of their 1st model FG0-42 semi autos. There are several significant differences between the two – the 1st model was a milled receiver rifle with a stamped sheet metal stock, a very distinctively steep pistol grip, and a bipod mounted on the gas block. The 2nd model used a stamped receiver, wooden stock, bipod on the front sight block, and a few other differences.

Today I am trying out the new 1st model rifle. It is chambered for 8mm Mauser, and uses ZB-26 20-round magazines. I have been waiting a very long time for this rifle, and I’m very excited to finally have my hands on it!

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