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Lynx Brutality Day 1: From Slovenia With Love

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Welcome to Lynx Brutality! This is a 2-gun Brutality match organized by Polenar Tactical and run at the Lynx Pro Training Center in Kočevje, Slovenia. It’s got kettlebells, weight bags, a tower, tires, ballistic shield, and more. I am shooting it with a semiauto FAMAS (courtesy of Fab from Bloke on the Range) and an Arex Delta (courtesy of Samo at Polenar). And I’m doing the whole match in a 3-piece suit, because I thought that would be a fun change of pace! 🙂

So, let’s dive into what I think is the most fun kind of shooting competition out there! Today will be the four stages of Day 1, and tomorrow we will have the 4 stages from Day 2…

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