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? SG 550 (Swiss Army Rifle) to 500yds: Practical Accuracy [Stgw 90 – PE 90]

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?Permanent record holder – lowest round count on course

The SG550 (Stgw 90 / FASS 90 / PE 90) is a symbol of the modern Swiss marksman and a societal icon in Switzerland. This rifle has been extensively deployed in all facets of the Swiss military, but is also an extremely popular iron-sight competition rifle, often compared to the American M16A2.

While the SG550 has a reputation to being fantastically accurate and reliable, due to the cost of these rifles, not much testing has been seen in North America. In this video we also interviewed Mike from Bloke on the Range and Brodie, Swiss Army Infantry Officer on the culture and employment of the SG550 in a military and civilian competition environment.

How does the 20inches of rifling do on the course? Would the diopter sights help to hinder the performance on a slow-fire KD range?

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