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New .44 AutoMag at the BackUp Gun Match

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Yesterday we were looking at the new resurrection of the AutoMag pistol, and today I have it out at the monthly BackUp Gun match. Is it appropriate to bring this behemoth of a pistol to a “backup” match? Sure!

My experience with magnum automatic pistols has been very mixed…actually, just mostly poor. I was really curious to see if all the work that went into the new rendition of the AutoMag would actually fix the problems of the original. Lo and behold, it looks like it did! The gun has run flawlessly for me, rather to my cynical surprise. It’s a beast of a pistol, but still substantially more comfortable to shoot than full-power .44 Magnum revolvers.

When AutoMag Ltd asked to send me a loaner gun to film, I was really skeptical. I turned them down a couple years ago when the gun was still very much a project in progress. When they came back more recently with actual production ready to go I accepted, but with a whole lot of skepticism (I didn’t tell them that). I am honestly impressed with the result of all their work. They took a dumpster fire of an original design and it looks like they have actually put in the work and refinement to make it a proper pistol. It is reliable, accurate, and true to the aesthetic of the originals. Remarkable!

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